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congratulations to zarobi and scott, today i attended their lovely wedding! everyone looked fantastic. it was good to see so many friends together to celebrate and i am glad they are happy. my happenstance TJ Maxx dress may count as the best clothing purchse of the year. if there was a bouquet thrown, i was in the john. oh how i hate the bouquet throwing tradition. all participants seemed to have all merriment and no stress, even the under-one-year-old set.

yesterday: first there was renfaireing; the place loses its allure for me just a little bit more every year. maybe i need to go later in the season when it isn't so goddamn hot. i did splurge on a new bodice since the one i have in addition to having suffered indiscretions over the years, i bought when i was a 100-pound waif and is two sizes too small. then we visited bizarrojack's parents and chatted until late into the night. i hope they like me as i plan to stick around.

and, the clothes that the cat peed on six months ago? ALL RECOVERED. not a hint of stinkiness. three step system involves 1) nature's miracle 2) white vinegar solution and 3) febreeze detergent. included fabrics in the experiment were silk, cotton, acrylic, wool, and velvet. (yes, the cat peed on something from each of those categories!)

now: carnivale.
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