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went out to run errands. all day before running errands i was trying to get old cat pee smell out of old clothes. not fun. and stupid, because it is a lost cause. but i needed to run out and get more nature's miracle and the last dry cleaning piece and maybe buy a scanner, because why not. well why not is that this is a stupid idea, i don't need to spend money on a scanner!! instead i called tzel and we went to the green turtle and shot the shit and devoured a pitcher and shrimp special. and now, server's back up so i can post silly pictures. 1. in case you didn't know, my roommate is has the fuzziest cat alive. (i suppose both are true, but i blame booze for the initial mistake.) here is his lovely accursed furry visage. 2. the calm before the storm: the day before the hurricane, the sky was pink and turned everything pink. i almost captured just how pink everything was.

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