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it's been a weird weekend, and in a way i just want it to end.

[friday, though, friday was everything i wanted it to be and then some.]

i did laundry for like 36 hours, i have washed every piece of fabric i own just about.

i missed several social engagements, which sounds really dispassionate and does not reveal the level of regret i feel.

i did make it to B's. i spoke with someone named disconnect at great length and was glad for it.

but in the middle of all of this something happened that i wish i could pretend will make me stronger but i think it made me weaker. i want to forget about it. it's not a big deal but it feels like one. i would like to forget that sometimes i pretend.

then there was the fight about 'the usual suspects'. apparently i'm in a mood to pick fights this week and it's not flattering.

not to mention my friend that is sick. which is, well i just want to help and don't know how. i say what in my world are prayers.
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