keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

several vivid dreams last night... one that jack and i were both in WV with our cars and that his got wrecked on the highway somehow and then mine blew a tire, we were trying to get to some theme park and ended up having to rent a van to get there... second dream far more weird and afwul... had a party in a house i was living it, the house was really tiny but there were people in every room and the basement, only i forgot to go in the basement and come to find out my friend from richmond had driven several hours to go to the party but i never talked to her because she was in the basement the whole time. another friend from high school was there and her brother stopped by only we found out he didn't really because he was actually dead, because he had jouined the military and gone off to war. this, as far as i know, is not true.

last night cheetahmaster invited us over for an impromptu wine-tasting party. i forgot to eat dinner first, so i was very "weee" by the third taste. i broke my inability to get drunk streak! it just took wine tasting. weird. it was a really nice evening. today, laundry. [edited to add] i think that the most tasty thing i ate or drank last night was actually the endive hors d'oeuvre that lilmymble created. it was fantastic. actually, the special cheese was pretty good too. too bad p.g. county isn't snooty enough to have a whole foods.
Tags: dream, food
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