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I was just browsing random LJ users. I am seriously considering creating an account for the sole purpose or posting semi-anonymous spelling and grammar corrections on people's LJs. What a bitch, huh?

Yesterday: got oil changed in car. Had lunch at Pasta Plus, it was my first meal there. SO GOOD. Slept; woke up and ate again. Picked up car, came to work. Worked. Mostly. As you can see, here I am updating.

I don't want to do my taxes. I never did my state taxes last year, so I have to sort that out. I let my 401K from my old job pay out, so that might be seriously dicey. I have NO PROBLEM with giving money to the government to help run the country. I just wish it didn't involve any extra work on my part to figure it out. Well, I have til April 15th, right? :P

Today: go to Harris Teeter. Purchase fixin's to make dinner for someone special. Try to drop by the used bookstore seeking copies of the new book club book to give people. Go home. Clean up, at LEAST tidy things. Nap. Be woken up by someone special. Make dinner. Go back to bed. Wait, I'll eat the dinner too.

Tomorrow: read. Have dinner with ex-roommate. Exchange christmas presents with ex-roommate. Read more. Pay bills.

I think that about covers it.

Oh, about how I feel right now? Like a normal person. There is only but to take joy in life.
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