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dreamed that i and some friends were trying to infiltrate a secret psychiatric lab in the middle of the woods somewhere. i was captured. when i managed to knock out one of my captors, i actually just hung around the facility for a while instead of leaving and fashioned myself a weapon from a blue ball point pen. holy shit - i just went to look for the kind of ballpoint pen that was in my dream and it would appear they don't make them anymore. the kind with the clear tube for a body with several facets around it and a blue plastic top and blue semispherical nubbin on the back.

and now i will fight inertia (i have 3.5 hours) to get myself downtown to the black cat to see ted leo. i will not forgive myself if i don't make it there. i even told work i would be late. i hate driving into the city by myself but i have no other choice.
Tags: dream
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