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innocent schoolgirly hand-holding crush category

OUT: Pacey Witter, Dawson's Creek
IN: Ted Allen, the culinary guy from Queer Eye

Ted and I will go on the type of dates where you talk about the place of culinary imagery in literature and drink tea and kiss on the cheek at the end, and thus it will not be cheating on bizarrojack. Who knows fully well I'd have a jealous fit if he made a post like this. What a horrendous double standard. As far as I'm concerned Jack can come along! If they promise to make out.

I jest.

This afternoon I was awakened by the sound of the raven tap tap tapping at my parlor door. Okay, it wasn't a raven, and it wasn't tapping so much as skritching. And it wasn't my parlor door, but the vent/duct near the ceiling on the east wall of my room. But still, it was pretty creepy and sounded like the dang bird was right in the room with me. I fear I may have to call the apt. people, which I have been loathe to do, because I am nearly 100 percent sure they will solve the problem with murder. And just what I need it ghosty birds scratching in the walls.

Found another local (to Arlington) eatery open past midnight. Score. Ted wouldn't approve of the place, I'm pretty sure.
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