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last night woke up hella late and watched chicago around midnight. i think it lost somethingin the translation to small screen, that or since the hype is gone, i just care less. then jack and i had our first quality time in like a week. i hope it is not going to be ANOTHER week before i get to see him for a good concentration of time.

first dream i had just as i was falling asleep; it was very short, just a car backing out of a parking space. but the front axle was chained to something and the driver didnot know it and the entire wheels and axle ripped out from under the car, causing the car to BANG on the ground. this woke me up t a near sitting position.

second dream i was in a bus with a bunch of people going on vacation and we were waiting in traffic on a bridge that crossed the panama canal (?!?!) but there were also planes waiting in the traffic, hovering above the bridge. a plane slammed into the back of a tall truck, and we had to walk the rest of the way across the bridge. we looked for cops but when we got up there found out there was a trolley that rolled out over a span of water, and we took it to see what it looked like. also the bridge was swaying terrifyingly in the wind. but for some reason i was not scared, although i thought that i should be.

third dream was that jack and i were laying in bed talking about getting engaged (we're not, to be clear) and he told me he couldn't propose to me until friday, because he wanted to be able to tell all his friends on dark age of camelot then. uhhh... hee! what a stupid dream.

it's funny how he always goes to sleep before me and wakes up fter me. also i put on the monkey sweatpants i bought at the mall and let me tell ya, i don't wanna take em off. you may see me in sweatpants in public soon.
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