keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

woke up late tonight - but i think ten hours of sleep were needed. could have been reading, though. stopped on the way to work at the ravi kabob - now i am stuffed! although since i was late as usual the swing shift was stuck here 15 minutes extra. at least i apologize when i do it. why can't my coworkers get here on time?

for those of you who do puzzle pirates, i have a few questions: how do you get your money to the right island at the right time when you want to buy something? also, they should consider letting you pause this game. without a pause function it's pretty useless to me at work because if i abandon my duty, my standing goes down, and what is the standing for anyways? i just don't get it.

it's friday, i have five more hours til the weekend, yay. it'll be a busy one so i wanna get out of here and get started dangit!

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