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car question, or why it tangentially sucks to not have a car payment

sometimes, like this morning, when it's really humid and rainy a bunch and the car sits, it won't go unless warmed up, which i assume means something dries off. it will start and sound just like normal but when put into gear (only the forward gears, i noticed) it feels like only a trickle of gas is getting to the engine or something, as if it's half-powered. this morning i put it in gear and it just cut off. after sitting about 10 minutes and revving the engine a bunch, it got up and went just like normal. swartzdk has suggested that i get the spark plug wires changed, which is probably valid anyways at 71K miles, but i don't understand what that would only crop up when it's wet. i also need to get the timing belt changed, but that's a pre-maintenance thing.

so does anyone else have any ideas?? i hate going into the mechanics with no ammo. let's not mention that i have to find a new mechanic because i don't like something the old one did, or i am vaguely suspicious of him. (which is sad because let me tell you he has been super nice to me.)
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