keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

wait, question: can you technically have enjoyed being drunk if you only now realize you may have been, and at no point were you able to consciously acknowledge that your behavior was any different or your inhibitions lowered? my only hints right now are that i'm hung over, and that i put on white underpants after i got out of the shower last night. (my communist cousin is visiting, no way in my right mind would i have put on white underpants.) i think i may have been a little more glib by the end of the night. very strange. maybe it's just that when you're older and you get drunk, you wander around talking about how NOT drunk you are.

i ran into a woman i haven't seen since college (at LEAST 6 years). [edit: this person is on LJ! teky4lf. it's a small dang world after all.]

[story removed because why would i want to say something that might be unflattering about someone else]

mad love to oontzgrrl.

i guess i am making my club update now. i hope i can get back to sleep.
Tags: club
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