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week beginning notes

- call tomorrow_devil, the clock is ticking
- monkees night will have to be postponed... duh i am going to a wedding in norfolk this weekend
- the witching hour is not as compelling as homicide was, and reading it right after homicide is giving it a bad rap, i think
- rented black hawk down and watched it with bizarrojack, it was very good but depressing, i wonder if swartzdk has seen it
- thanks examorata for introducing me to altoids tangerine sours, i'm addicted
- when i went to the skechers store, they had the roller skates on sale for $20 anyways, so i bought some! no shipping yay!
- saturday night was fun, thanks dharshai and booyeah for hosting and grill time
- i am bad at every single puzzle pirates game. it is making me feel really stupid.

sunday's weird dream revolved around jack being mad at me somehow, and he kept asking me for a mix tape i had made full of sexy (?) hip-hop songs. he was clearly intimating that he wanted to listen to this tape with someone else! i was all freaking out and i remade the mix tape, only i taped in my voice between every song saying "hi, this is your girlfriend kim, and the next song is..." well. if that dream wasn't about my own insecurity, then i'll be a monkey's uncle.
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