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Ebay is my new thrift store, although shipping costs are a deterrent. but tell me I'm not going to look fabulous this winter in this. eee!

So, it's no secret that I listen to hot 99.5. I know, the music they play on hot 99.5 is not exactly exemplary in the line of progressive feminist sentiment, but the beats are phat (as Jack would say) and, well, it's not like it is going to turn me into a chauvinist woman-hating pig, I think i'm pretty safe on that one. But sometimes this station makes me laugh right out loud. Today's stupid pop lyric of the day: "Looking good plenty time / Is there any more room for me / In those jeans". Just reading the words doesn't do it justice. I'm sure they will play the song every 15 minutes soon enough, so listen for yourself. The guy wailing at the end of the song about getting in those jeans sings it with the conviction of the most enraptured gospel singer, as if he were making an entreaty not to a woman in really tight jeans, but to Jesus himself. It cracked me up. Honestly, I find myself less angry at the utterly out and out un-PC songs than when the pop stars try to make a politically/socially responsible song and then screw it up. Anyways, that said, is there ANYONE on my friends list who goes to clubs where they play this kind of music? Because I would love to go out and dance to some Justin Timberlake. I hope no one drops me off their friends list for saying that.

I spent all day watching "I love the 70s" on VH-1. Captivated. Me and my stupid pop culture addiction. And my roommate, who, being sick was trapped watching hour upon hour of this with me. Actually I think she didn't mind that much. ;) I crack up every time Michael Ian Black deadpans something ridiculous. "Benji and his girlfriend made love, and ironically, they did not do it doggy style. It was beautifully shot." It brought back one concrete memory I have from the 70s: Les Nessman mispronouncing "Chy Chy Rod-ruh-gweez". It's funny what sticks with you.

It's gonna be a long night at work if things keep up like this. As far as my personal and work life go, everything is awesome. I feel good. I mean what is there to really say about that? I don't feel anything pressing on me. Well, clearing up my tax situation. Currently reading: Anne Rice's The Witching Hour.

[edit] Fox News reports on something I want to hear!?!! I'd never do it myself but after thinking about it a bit, I suppose the message of "don't be a selfish, materialistic asshat" hasn't been getting across lately, so it's good that someone reintroduced the idea with a little more force. Oh, I'ma gonna catch hell for this one.
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