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freaky dream and alchemy attendance

woke up from a freaky nightmare:

i was in a class, some kind of science class and the crazy evil professor had a pet project where you could turn a dial and find yourself in a parallel reality, only not in a fun simpsons raining doughnuts way, more in a scary way. the professor got the class stuck in various frightening alternate dimensions and we had to find our way home. at one point we were in a place where giant scary men had huge eyeballs for heads. jack was with me when we landed in a reality where there was a giant scary house and a little girl there told us that if we helped her clean the house, she would help us find the way home. of course it was this awful place which was "haunted" or "alive" or something and everything we touched caused some other horrible thing to happen. i kept fretting that jack would get lost or hurt, and at several points i lost sight of him and paniced. the first time the girl started using a mirror and putting it in front of all these doll's faces because apparently the dolls would suck people inside them, and you had to use a reflection to get the person out. (of course they were creepy porcelain antique dolls, as they always are) finally i was going downstairs, and i looked back up in the stairwell to see a hook, one of those giant meathooks, reaching down from the upper floor. i was sure that whoever had the meathook knew where jack was, so i reached up and grabbed it, hoping to fight back against the evil power or whatever. of course that being the most crucial moment, it is when i woke up.

i'm pretty sure i know why i had this dream.

last night i did end up swapping work and going out to alchemy. it was a pretty good night as club nights go, the music was altogether danceable, although i do wish that they would leave the back deck a little quieter so you could go out there to escape the noise. it was energizing to see and talk to devil_panda who seems to be on the verge of a life exploding into panoramic excitement! also glad to see the rare clubgoers, salami_salome and necrocannibal, join us. the groove was in my heart, so i shook my groove thing, and i will tell you what my groove thing is pooped. and sore. there were plenty of people i saw, but hardly had a chance to speak with, like icequeen666 and kelowna and bronzemountain. i chatted ever so briefly with a Jen who i keep seeing but never really get to talk to, and seeing shadrone getting out and dancing and chatting with people was awesome! sometimes he is all mister shy but i have now seen he can be different. ;) a rare visit from meatnog and the pittsburgh folks, a reluctant visit from simplesimon, and the dual threat of devolutionary and dissonant_etak, the latter of whom i think i babbled a little drunkely to about how awesome her condo is. sometimes i come off as a big dork. ok most of the time. i have tried to be completist here with my name dropping, and i'm sure i have forgotten someone vitally important who will rightly be offended! oh yeah, i saw that bizarrojack guy here and there. oh yeah and someone set off a fire extinguisher. ick. wasn't as bad as the time some props caught on fire when i was in the wiz in high school, though. [edit: i forgot that i saw seth6666, and that i finally met someone i have been seeing for YEARS at nation and heaven, the tall dark-haired gentelman named Andrew, i believe.]

really the highlight of the evening for me, or something that brought me a particular little twinge of joy, was belting out musical numbers in the car with salami_salome on the way home. after that we went to denny's, which was very old school! i think all that was worth having to work tonight.
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