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i need to get to IM. for work!!! because if i have to talk to my coworkers directly i get really, really pissy. so if they are blocking access to IM, grr. if it is something else, still grr.

i took tzel's hypoglycemia test and it says i am a very likely candidate. we did have cheese dip. it was good. this is always true when we are not trying to actually introduce someone to the cheese dip. i bought some kitty stuff for the guy i go on smoke breaks with. of course, i can't chit chat with him about his new kitty because of farking IM not working. i wanna go home. i wish the pool at my apt complex was open at convenient times and wasn't probably fifty percent barbarian child piss.

OH, and i have tons of ingrown hairs from shaving my bikini line. you know, maybe i will just have to get a bathing suit with a skirt or swim by myself forever, because this last bastion of hair removal is ticking me off. why can't people handle extra pubes?

do you do your laundry exactly the way your mom did it? my straw poll at dinner came up with 3 yeses. two who use downy because that's what their mom did, and i don't use it because my mom never did, and in fact i use tide specifically because that's what i grew up with.
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