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what happened in new orleans?

well, i had my first "real" vacation there, for one. it will be hard to top this, honestly. the weather? for august, i suppose i should be incredibly pleased. it was not hot while it rained, and even when it was hot, i could retreat to the pool at our friendly neighbors' hotel or just lay around in our room... but i may be getting ahead of myself here. last week i spent in new orleands with booyeah, dharshai, falkonne, koira, jwiv, traceracer, necrocannibal, msteleute, and of course bizarrojack. not that i ever questioned this, but a group vacation is awesome. especially with a goup that ebbs and flows as the week goes on, knowing that sometimes you want to wander alone and sometimes you want to all join to raise a glass. much thanks go out to everyone who shared this with me.

many glasses were raised. i was never out and out dr0nk, but drinking and eating took up the majority of the vacation. for some reason i woke up before 10AM every day. this was alright because i felt refreshed and rested no matter how late i had been up. perhaps strange to some, i never left the french quarter apart from the aquarium and the riverboat up the mississipi. i don't think i have ever been that far south before! unless houston is further south, but i'm just geographically challenged. so many impressions to get across - and i haven't even mentioned Philip the psychic and his readings, an experience to which i devoted two whole pages of notes alone. oh and thanks, no one, for preparing me for the smell - bourbon street smells like bile and rot about 75 percent of the time. ewugh. most of the time it was easy to ignore, but i just wasn't anticipating it for some reason.

i took alot of pictures. everyone did. i have not yet posted them because i want to weed out the more useless ones and the redundant ones, do some aligning and brightening and the like. i apparently have some kind of neural problem, judging on how much my hands shake. as well as exercising the camera, i exercised my desire to read, and nearly finished Homicide. it's damn good i had a vacation to do it in because that book is dense as, well, something really dense. a collapsed star - are those dense? i need to learn more about science.

for those who were or might be curious, it pretty much took 17 hours of driving each way, i admit we did alot of stopping but that was for the best. there were lots of gas station bathrooms encountered but honestly nothing horrifying! i suppose we were lucky. although maybe that last place in the darkest bowels of virginia where necro stopped may have been scary. i refused to go in. oh and in mississippi? they have "rest areas" that are merely for resting. there are no "rest rooms". that's just ridiculous. but mississipi did have butterflies - hundreds of them. i have never seen so many butterflies. other than that both the drive down and back up were blurs to me - and i certainly did not do my share of driving, for which i accept blame.

one thing that struck me while doing the shopping thing: it is now rare, if not obsolete, to think that you can purchase an item somewhere and have it be unique to that place. i would say that maybe ten percent of my browsing in shops netted a "thing" that i could not have bought online or anywhere else. even at times i found myself looking at something crafty and thinking, aha! this must be a unique handcrafted item reflecting some aspect of the indigenous culture or at least embodying something i can only get here! only to find the same thing at two other stores, or turn the thing over to see a label with a web page listed. yay progress!! i did have a particularly fortuitous encounter with the bookseller at the Faulkner House book shop (located in the house where Faulkner wrote his first novel) which had me overjoyed when i found out that the proprieter was close personal friends with my favorite author, Michael Malone. oh, i was excited, and went back later to get some recommendations and wax poetic on the subject of southern fiction. he sent me off with two newish southern authors, whose names i can't remember right now because the books are at home. disappointing on the literary front: i didn't see truman capote's or john kennedy toole's house. another time.

i'm trying not to feel "bad" that i'm back from vacation. i do feel rejuvenated. although i am more and more convinced that my car is the cause of the shoulder blade pain. i didn't drive my car for a week and lo and behold, no pain. although i was pleased to find that it started right up after sitting a whole week. i, too, started right up after sitting a week: amazingly, i am sitting here alert and chipper on this my first night back at work. i think the fact that i got tons of exercise via walking and swimming during my vacation may have a hand in this. i should walk and swim while not on vacation.

- seeing aaron macgruder, cartoonist who does boondocks, on cspan
- emeril's restaurant, NOLA, where i was actually escorted to the restroom! fucking fantasti fig tart. weird gewurtztraminer that tasted more like plum wine
- dudes in the hallway of our hotel who i SWEAR said: "dude! i can't believe you did a shot out of that girl's ass!!!"
- beignets, beignets, beingets. i hope i'm spelling that right.
- i'm so, so glad i have learned to enjoy seafood.
- i want a "fuck racism" shirt like that random guy had
- masparo's on decatur for fried shrimp, silky o'sullivan's for ribs. glad i reinstalled the tapeworm.
- i may have to devote another entire post to the reading i got from phillip at yesteryears'.
- on the way back, we stopped in atlanta to visit jack's friend. at the restaurant i heard both crowded house AND spliut enz. soothed my soul.
- when i wore my LJ shirt, no one ran up to me to tell me that they, too had a LJ.
- when i wore my decade-old ripped up skull shirt that i almost gave away a year ago, almost every other stranger complimented it.
- jack is fantastic. awesome. he is both kind and understanding, while at the same time being unique and, well, awesome. he is also an anger ground. i am so blessed to have had him with me on the trip.
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