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this is the funnniest thing i have seen all week, i heard it from judithiscariot:

it meshes with the "real time" with bill maher i saw earlier this week. he had barney frank on with ray flynn? i think that was his name he's the ambassador to the vatican (i didn't know we HAD an ambassador to the vatican. whatever.) and the catholic guy was all, "marriage is important because it's about procreation" and maher was all "we should be rewarding people for NOT procreating, bonehead" ok he didn't say bonehead.

the past few days i have been running off at the mouth at an incredible rate. i am all conversationus interruptus.

earlier this week i also had a terrible dream in which someone cut my hair to be a mullet. *shiver*

karaoke last night was awesome! cheetahmaster already did a full listing, but i can remember at least that i sang "stand by your man", "hit me baby one more time", and "killing me softly". it was so awesome, and i didn't even get to do the two duets i had queued up. next time i need to remember to sign up to sing "that don't impress me much".

i have a long-ass to do list of things to make sure are done before i leave for new orleans. i have FINALLY put in the first load of laundry. i also have to burn some cds, change the litter, pay all my bills, put on fresh sheets so that when i get back i can fall into fresh sheets, figure out what the hell i did with the hotel info that i printed out, maybe bleach my hair even more, and hopefully NOT have to buy more clothes because i should have PLENTY of clothes. probably more things i am forgetting.
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