keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

inner monologue on the metro

haha, my bag is more awesome than yours. and yours. ooh, and yours, ugh that is made of plastic! where did you get that, value city? please. huh. lady, how the hell do you walk around all day in those shoes? you have the surface area of a gnat's ass to balance on. jesus. you too! i must be lacking in some crucial shoe skill. uh, i should read. but that guy's face.... weird. oh my god he has no eye! in the left socket! NO EYE NO EYE NO EYE... uh stop staring! stop staring! STOP STARING! i'm reading. reading reading... hey... what's on that book? does that actually say sisters and lovers? is it about sister-lovers? because that would be something interesting to read over someone's... damn, it's not. dude, did you just leave your newspaper all over the seat? ass. hey are you looking at me? ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME? oh, you think i'm looking at you. because i am... la la la i wasn't looking, i was reading! reading reading reading... holy shit, girlfriend, i know that she stepped to you, and your girls had your back, but maybe you could explain it a little bit more quietly. oh, she's only going to get louder. jesus, we can hear you! awwww hey! look at the little old man! he has his arm around his wife. that is the most precious thing ever. i wonder if i will be riding the metro around when i'm like 80. i wonder if they need help reading the map. i could ask but ... nah they would think i was a psycho... i want to know where that woman got her pants! those are the best pants ever! lady lady lady i want your pants! i guess if i asked her she, too would think i was a psycho. i wonder if that little girl is that guy's daughter or his granddaughter, hey, he has open coffee! isn't that against the rules? people mostly do seem to go by the rules. which is weird since i have never seen anyone enforcing them. huh. nope, still no bags better than mine. i wonder if anyone else has noticed how awesome my bag is. probably not, heathens. oh shit... now i'm singing that berlin song again... this happens every time... i need to think of something else... we all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine, no that's not working, ok, how about iii'm hen-e-ry the eighth i am, hen-er-y the eighth i am, i am... ok, no really, i'm going to read now...... hey!
Tags: metro
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