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ahhh, monkees

so, who would be in if i hosted a monkees viewing night? i don't have the biggest tv in the world but such is life.

i was thinking a friday sometime, august 22nd or 29th.

phew, feeling better, and none too soon. oh and now i have made some slapdash monkees LJ icons. nesmith-heavy, i know. as they say in the icon-making world, take/share/comment.



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Aug. 6th, 2003 03:19 am (UTC)
wow, an awesome icon-making tutorial.

completely unrelated, it turns out all the work i have to do for the rest of the week is show up for a class thursday from 8am to 1pm. whee!
Aug. 6th, 2003 05:19 am (UTC)
So does that mean you don't have to work tonight? I don't know when I'm gonna get out of the meeting, but I was thinking maybe we could go to Tysons to check out that special bra shop I was talking about...
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Aug. 6th, 2003 03:48 am (UTC)
it also occurs to me that i now have tintin-colored hair. neat!
Aug. 6th, 2003 04:02 am (UTC)
i'd totally be up for it. and awesome icons - mike nesmith was a hottie.
Aug. 6th, 2003 06:37 am (UTC)
sweet - i will send out a mail when i get back from les vacances.
Aug. 6th, 2003 04:58 am (UTC)
Heh, I was a Monkee fan before you were born! My mom still rolls her eyes if the Monkees are mentioned and how I was so crazy about them at the age of two.
Aug. 6th, 2003 05:18 am (UTC)
best icons ever!!
Aug. 6th, 2003 05:21 am (UTC)
squeeee! mike nesmith in drag! oh god.

all right, i feel calmer now. those are so great. :)
Aug. 6th, 2003 06:40 am (UTC)
thanks :) you are welcome to join any monkees viewing as well - i have the VHS box set. (sigh... dvds are expensive and i haven't convinced myself to get the set yet...)
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Aug. 6th, 2003 06:12 am (UTC)
I'd *so* be up for it!
Aug. 6th, 2003 06:41 am (UTC)
somehow, i knew you would want to join in. :) i'll keep ya posted, probably after i get back from nawlins.
Aug. 6th, 2003 06:22 am (UTC)
YES! Monkees night! :)

Love the icons.
Aug. 6th, 2003 01:09 pm (UTC)
do you have specific favorite episodes? i am guessing we can't watch them ALL. :)
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Aug. 6th, 2003 07:58 am (UTC)
I would love to come as I am a huge Monkees fan! But alas I don't think I live anywhere near you and you might not welcome a complete stranger anyway. :)
Aug. 6th, 2003 08:03 am (UTC)
Well, I reckon I don't oppose. =)
Aug. 6th, 2003 08:29 am (UTC)
i meant to put something like, "i have to check with my roommate first" but um... forgot :-/ hehe i figured you wouldn't mind.
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Aug. 6th, 2003 08:35 am (UTC)
I'd be up for it. Provided I can bring some drinks. :}
Aug. 6th, 2003 01:11 pm (UTC)
so long as if you bring that cream soda, you don't leave it here. ew. ;P
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Aug. 6th, 2003 10:16 am (UTC)

but will they be wearing tutus is the really important question here :)

Aug. 6th, 2003 01:12 pm (UTC)
i can't remember, but i think, in one of the episodes, at least one monkee wears a tutu. :D
Aug. 6th, 2003 10:52 am (UTC)
If you end up doing a second one after Sept 15th or so, I'm so there :)
Aug. 6th, 2003 01:12 pm (UTC)
hey... we can't watch them ALL in one night. :) yay! that's soon!
Aug. 7th, 2003 12:17 am (UTC)
If I wasn't 2,000 miles away I'd wanna go!

(Yeh, fell in love w/ Davey when I got to watch them on Nickelodeon... *sigh*)
Aug. 7th, 2003 02:46 pm (UTC)
Re: Mmmmmonkees
I think I remember having this conversation somewhere along the line... People always seem to fall into Mike/Peter or Davy/Micky fans...
Re: Mmmmmonkees - ypawtows - Aug. 7th, 2003 05:56 pm (UTC) - Expand
Aug. 7th, 2003 03:34 am (UTC)
i would be totally into this idea if i were to have off the night of whatever was scheduled. i could even bring head with me.

my only beef with the icons, which are otherwise brilliant- doesn't micky sing "do i have to do this all over again?" i could be wrong. then again if this is my biggest complaint, take that as a fairly heavy compliment.
Aug. 7th, 2003 02:49 pm (UTC)
I have Head! but on VHS. i don't think they put anything cool on the DVD so far anyways. It would be best if they got Jack Nicholson to do some commentary, hee! I also have 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee.

I wasn't really going for singer accuracy with the icons... just trying to fit the lyric with the picture. :) In fact, Mike sings "Sweet Young Thing".

I really hope you don't have to work when we decide to do this! It will be awesome. :D
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