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this time next week i'll be on the road

i'm pretty sure that was the most slack weekend ever. well, i did refill the ice cube trays once. my most pressing concern was: what should i get as a secondary skill to frozen orb, because soon lots of monsters will be cold immune? and i didn't even make the decision. the flowers that my mom and dad sent me for my birthday are still looking really nice, i took some pictures with the digital camera which show just how nice the digital camera is. i skipped pete's party on saturday because i thought i needed downtime, but as it turns out i think it would have been a good idea to go. not that i didn't enjoy my saturday night hanging with G. and msteleute and necrocannibal and salami_salome. :)

it's 1AM and i can just BARELY keep my eyes open. i feel very nothing-ey. and i'm starting to feel intimidated about driving to new orleans. worried that jack won't have fun. i mean, of course we will once we get there. i can pretty much enjoy any new experience given that i don't worry about how anyone else is feeling, which i am hard-wired to do. hrmm.

edit: oh joy! i just realized i can feel my tongue again today for the first time since the terrible biting accident! yay! but still exhausted. dammit.
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