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so whatup... since there is some boss-breathing-down-the-neck action, i'll make this quick. once you have seen the SLURM episode of futurama, you never want to drink mountain dew again. or at least for a few days. today i woke up early and then spent way too much money on myself. i went to see AUTUMN at bubbles and we chatted about how she refuses to donate her husband's body to science if he dies, and how she went to high school in korea. then she tortured me with wax, i mean she fixed my eyebrows. then i went bra shopping, because my boobs don't fit in any of my old bras. this involves alot of muttering to myself and expletives when i discover that my favorite seamless bra has been DISCONTINUED. i hate bras. msteleute and necrocannibal gave me a border's gift certificate and i immediately ran out and used it to get FAULKNER's the hamlet, which i found out is my favorite author's favorite author.

and finally, i have the NORTHERN STATE cd which i can tell is going to be playing constantly in my world. i adore. love. relish it.
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