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1. Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan. I should seek out this bookstore regardless of whether I can make it to that event. (link courtesy of izzerwurst.

2. Tonight I attended my second Tea. Said goodbye (for now) to zenthia; played in my first game of I Never. Brief as it was. Word to the wise, Franklin's potstickers, not so good. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to go to work. I am consistently surprised, given what things are like on the roads in this town, how many wonderfully nice people there are.

3. I wish I could understand the entirety of an article in Neuropsychologia that begins: Neuroimaging studies in healthy participants have implicated anterior temporal lobe regions and the fusiform gyrus in repetition priming and semantic priming. It's hard to understand the entirety when you can't understand the first sentence. That said, Operation Subscription Swap is in the planning stages. Anyone know which scientific journals are good? Of the inexpensive variety?

4. At 8:02 AM (I think), happy birthday to me. Cracker song stuck in my head.

Finally, a poem, written by someone else, but not so much as a poem:

see chameleon?
lying there, in the sun?
all things to everyone.
run, run away.
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