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somehow despite total exhaustion, i couldn't sleep for more than 5 hours today. huh. the good news is, no bugs! i saw no bugs in the house. yay!! during dinner, i bit my tongue so hard it may never take its original shape again. after dinner, i unpacked my harp for the first time in probably a year, and realized that a) i must clip my nails and b) i must relearn nearly everything about playing from scratch, most likely. ugh. and i'm stil frustrated there are only 3 octaves and change. goddamn, if dale was going to buy my affections back in '97, he should have tried harder!!! er, except that it worked, so i should shut up. well, it worked for about 4 months, heh. i digress. at least now that i have the harp out i will try more. now i'm at work and yawning and crampy as hell. oh goody.
Tags: dale, harp
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