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post-weekend roundup

i started out my weekend with insomnia... which kind of sucked but it was nice to not feel like i HAD to go to sleep by any particular time. of course, as a result we didn't get to pseudotheist's housewarming party until midnight. oops. and even once i got there i didn't feel like i had my wits about me. i felt like the proverbial cat had got my tongue. but then, my big mouth had been getting me into trouble all week so maybe it was just my subconcious schooling me. that afternoon while totally unable to sleep i watched pi. i asked everyone about it all weekend, and ultimately after mulling it over i think i'm one of those people who come down just on the dislike side of ambivalence towards it. i think if the soundtrack had been anything but techno i would have found the entire thing more compelling.

saturday was a day for serious slacking. i read and browsed and diablo'ed and jack slept and we ordered foul pizza from a non-name-brand pizza emporium. we watched awful television including a show called "pros and cons: good, bad, or ugly" which was naturally another ill-conceived reality show on TLC. in this one some girl rock band had to choose a director for their video, one was a real director, one was some maverick guy who'd made ten second short films, and one was a bartender. watching it i had a hard time figuring out how the seemingly intelligent women had signed on for this idea in the first place. whatever. devolutionary got home from his trip in the midst of our slacking and this perked us up as we heard some London stories, and eventually we all made our way to arlington for dissonant_etak's birthday shindig. i met some very nice people but was still suffering some kind of weird social anxiety so was not facile with the chattiness. her place is absolutely stunning! i struggled to stay awake until 5am so as to try desperately to put my sleeping back on track.

i was only kind of successful in that i woke up at 10am (UGH) with disturbing thoughts and visions, and no amount of calming meditative stuff or blanking out could stop it. finally got back to sleep after 11 and slept until 2. which is why i am even alive to be able to write this at this time, because had i not i would be comatose drooling on my desk right now. we had to roll out almost immediately to make it to fallston (that's north of baltimore, folks!) for zenthia's going away party. which finally broke me of my weird shy spell!! Yay!! i swam (thanks to zenthia for lending me a suit!!!) and ate crabs, i mean crabs in the up-to-your-elbows in goop, breaking them up and scooping them out kind of way. and roasted marshmallows on the firey pit thingy. it was the perfect cap to the weekend, except that i couldn't drink because i basically had to go from fallston to ballston to go to work. i am still enchlorinated as i sit here. i smell like chlorine and crabs and fire. which i guess isn't so bad, really. also this means i am exhausted and by the time i get home i will sleep like the dead. and hopefully not before.

i may or may not be growing my hair out. i may just not be getting it cut due to laziness. sundays, by the way, are my favorite night for driving into work because of Little Steven's Underground Garage. two weeks ago was an excellent show on 1967 psychedelia peppered with artists from the monterey pop festival. the webpage is kind of annoying, but i like the show.

last week was minimalist week; i dub this week blissfully ignorant week. 2 more days left to enjoy being 27.
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