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goddamn, everything is pissing me off today. between the fact that my roommate proposed that the flies may have come from the giant box of magazines i got friday, i bruised and cramped my hands trying to open a jar of spaghetti sauce, and my general bitchiness, i would say that A) minimalist week is not paying off. i was hoping that by doing as little as possible i would be able to have as few things as possible crankify me. and B) it must be time for the pre-menstrual angry/miserable mood swing extravaganza. it might not be hormones but the fact that i snapped at jack no less than twice today for things he didn't even do wrong, tells me... i need to keep my damn mouth shut for a few days. it could also have to do with not sleeping in my house because of the fucking fly plague. i know meercat has been sleeping there, but i read up on flies and learned that they are most active during the day. you know, when i sleep. if the exterminator stuff doesn't work, i'm going to cry.

[edit from later: oh yeah. mouth shut. no access after the fact. shut. down.]
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