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so, sometimes i am kind of anal about shopping. and i like to compare, although i don't always do this. and i am also fond of tables. so here is my table about bag comparison shopping. it's an exercise in online shopping, since i know that one cannot find all these bags in one place and fondle them, put your crap in them, see how they feel. if you know about a bag that you think is missing from this list, let me know! god i love bags. and yes, it is hella slow at work tonight. as you can see, $=0-40, $$=40-60, and $$$=60+. bags i left off this list: Dickies' Basic Messenger Bag because cool as it is, I've seen them in person and they are nothing to write home about. They may be your only choice in plaid, however. I also left off anything by JanSport. If I wanted a crappy k-mart bag that would fall apart, well... yeah.

Crumpler Roll-o-Notes Messenger Bag* $$$
wide variety flap clips down
main pocket no zip
website is snarky but has plenty of pics including x-ray inside after staring at it enough, i'm not so fond of the aesthetics and the website is too "ooh we are so cool", but hey - third leg stabilizer! and clearly made for a laptop. which i don't have.
Clive "Traffic" Sling Bag $$
black, navy, or camo velcro website has no inside pics but isn't as broken as some others! seems a little puffy looking but otherwise a frontrunner as aestehtics go. the website doesn't list it, but they also make a bag called "go" that i like.
Land's End Canvas Courier $
12 colors! flap clips down
main pocket no zip
website suitably helpful, although they should offer a color change picture if they want to keep up with ll bean. obviously it will hold all my junk, but will it keep its shape? i already have a canvas bean briefcase. pfeh.
Bucket Boss Messenger Bag $
black w/red panel only velcro and clips website acceptable. would like a bigger version of picture. hugest bag on the list. probably will be its undoing, not to mention i already bought a bag from this company that disappointed me. (sorry rob!!) it does have 3,435 cool straps and loops though.
Eagle Creek Sling Bag $
black, sage, chino, steel magnets!!! site does not actually sell the product directly. only a few selected retailers have it. their new bags are ugly. smallest bag on the list. i have seen this bag in person and it's nice, but will it fit all my junk? trade paperbacks?
Chrome Sling Bag $$$
black only says velcro, but i don't see it i can't actually find a web site for this company i am most attracted to this bag. might be too big though. looks like it would hold its shape and not be bulgy.
L.L. Bean Heatwave Messenger Bag $$
5 colors, but all have goofy white stripe they don't even tell you. lame. nice close up, no inside shot, but i know llbean and i know they have a good online purchase mechanism. screw you llbean and your stupid white stripey thing. and your stupidly long URL.
Timbuk2 PeeWee Messenger $$$
build your own!!! clippy thing I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. bag builder!! it appeals to the kid in me. note the "how to wear" picture! did i mention, build your own? and the logo is graphically unobtrusive? and you can choose the color of that too? and for you lefties, they offer a left-hand version for free? whoah.

* - Crumpler also makes rockin' camera bags that might make better purses than purses do.
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