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ok, so the good news was that i actually got off my ass and went down to dupont last night to attend a meeting of the DC Bi Women's group. it was really cool, clearly filled with interesting and diverse people. the speaker/presenter was a lawyer who specializes in law/custody/cohabitation for alternative lifestyles, pagan, GLBT, poly, etc. she spoke in a very no-nonsense manner about some tough subjects including medical issues, kids, inheritances, etc. on the way to work on the metro, i ran into a few participants and spoke with a woman who works at UMUC and is considering the VERY program i was considering back when i was thinking i'd doggedly pursue education instead of trying to save money. and the bestest, i finally met a heretofore unmet LJ friend, cattack.

the other good news is that it's my birthday soon! how do i explain to my mom that all i want for my birthday are the money to take classes or a timing belt for the aspire? neither of which i actually want my parents to consider paying for, but don't want to pay for myself, such that someone relieving that burden would, in fact, be a present. i'm so an adult now, that's like asking for socks x100. the bad news on this front: i don't know if i will have a thing. basically all the weekend nights from now until eternity are taken up with celebrations of other perfectly valid things to celebrate. i think i really had my party for the 80s nonetheless. i may be *cough* sick on the 30th, though, in that single-malt-scotch-cough kind of way. yay, here's a stupid poll.

The phrase pimple-meddler:

describes me
absolutely does not describe me
should not be uttered around me

Worst lyric:

I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over, I want to know right now what will it be?
If I could fall into the sky, do you think time will pass me by?
Any man of mine had better walk the line, better show me a squeezin' pleasin' teasin' kinda time!
Toucha-toucha-toucha-touch me I wanna be dirty!

Tell me who's your housekeeper and what do you keep in your house?

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