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an article on graveyard shifts from cheetahmaster:

i am really glad i woke up in time to get over to rshackleford's to enjoy canasta, as well as poutine (for the first time). it's something i shouldn't eat but hey, when you melt cheese over fries it's hard to go wrong. bonus: harry knuckles. oh, and i didn't play canasta at the CANASTA DISASTA. woops.

fuck evite, and here's why: (this came in my email today)

EVITE Newsletter - August, 2003

Hello Kim,

We've noticed that lately loads of Girls Nights have been planned on Evite. So we did some research and found a round up of Ladies Night Hot Spots in your city, courtesy of Citysearch. Sorry fellas - this month its all about high heels, lipstick and pink drinks!

high heels, lipstick, and pink drinks are not inherently evil. the assumption that this is what girls do with their valuable time is. i suppose a girls night doesn't include amber-colored drinks (fuckin' beer, yo), stomping boots, or bad horror movies. or basically anything else but high heels, lipstick, and pink drinks. we all have our uber-femme moments now and then. (ok, some of us do) but please, people, assumptions??? [edit] oh, and let's not forget the implication that guys shouldn't be interested in lipstick, high heels, and pink drinks. in whatever form.
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