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the things that have been up

i'm not even sure i could remember if i tried! there was of course the party on saturday. i had a pretty good time. i wore my crazy charlie's angels outfit that i bought at wet seal. i wanted to find it in black, but they only had them in size 1 at every stupid wet seal in the entire state. stupid wet seal. ok, so really their clothes are for people 10 years younger than i am, and also people with a completely different system of ideals, but still, i uh, apparently wanted to give that vibe off... ANYWAYS. let's see, spent an hour watching kipper videos:

i'm not sure why, but i liked them. although the rocket one was a bit much. if i could ahve found a picture to put here of that particular story, i would have. anyways, i think that was thursday. friday went to columbia for stuff. drank a bit, i suppose as a preview for the party or just because i wanted to. i was trying various beers. it was cheerful though, none of the depressant effects, as there were on saturday. it turned out OK though. not what i was hoping for, but good anyways. sunday i came into work and was told i should go home before anyone saw me wearing jeans. i know i signed on for this corporate bullshit when i came to work here, but i don't know... it just seems stupid that since i work overnight i should have to conform to some bullshit idea of what looks professional or what looks like i will get my job done better. i may just be tired and cranky though... plus, i got to go home early. heh.

anyways, i have a few craft projects i need to complete:
1. the one i already bought supplies for but have been putting off since NOVEMBER
2. the green terrycloth one
3. the Vern Yip tiny canvases idea

i think i might try to write this history thing, a la examorata and bronzemountain. but i may not have time, or my memory may simply be too hazy. reading theirs was neat though. tonight was book club. the book was lackluster, but we got a new member. i almost dyed my hair red last week. i think i'm just going to be the not-hair-dyer though.
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