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friday: overjoyed to do some visiting in the morning, then took what i would call more a "nap" and less "sleeping". friday night's party started late but turned out to be a good mellow time. i do still hate high rise apartment complexes, but oh well.

saturday: went out to herndon for a deck-warming party. r. was very sweet to grill for us in the rain, and then to show me his amazing basement theater which surpasses just about anything i have ever seen in the way of home theater. and well, most commercial theaters, for that matter. i am still fummoxed. i could hear the orcs running from over there (points behind and left) to over there (points in front and right)!!! and the picture, woof. then we trekked across town and country to annapolis for a birthday party! yay. i felt bad that i was unprepared. and THANKS msteleute for that GREAT HAIRY EYEBALL story. i will not soon forget that. agh.

sunday: stayed up til 8 playing some diablo, since that's apparently all that will keep me awake. i found the best stuff for my druid though. it's like booyeah said, i just have to keep pulling the arm, like a terrible, horrible, addictive slot machine. only this one doesn't actually give me real money, EVER. of course then i had trouble sleeping through the day. but when i did get to sleep i slept for like 4 extra hours. OOPS.

i am worried about my condition. the one that appeared in december. it is twinging. i really, really hope it just goes away.

i solved my voicemail mystery. it was the eye doctor, wanting to know when i was planning to spend $300 on a year's worth of contacts. oops i forgot to tell him NEVER.
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