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i can't stand the rain on my window

so i waited to go to work, hoping the storm would blow over. i might as well have waited longer. but, i was driving along, and things were not too bad, and i was thinking, ahhh, another count in the plus column of living in the DC metro area: getting to see the mormon temple, low hanging clouds crowding around the well-lit spires, with a MASSIVE lightning show going on behind. it looked like they might be creating the mormon frankenstein monster in there.

of course then, as the song goes, the bottom dropped out. i stopped two seperate times on the way to work for lack of being able to see anything outside my car. i have indeed seen better days.

i won all my ms. magazine auctions. i will now have a nearly complete run from 1976 to 1987. i really need to also lay off the ebay, for though they were cheap, it's a bad habit.

so - do your feet stink like every time you wear sandals too? and what do you do to A) prevent this from happening and B) clean the sandals when you've failed to prevent it? i can't even look at my sandals right now. they LOOK stinky.

things to research during slow time tonight: what you need to run an internet radio talk show. and if there exists a biography of jimmy carter (no) or an interesting democratic presidential biography under 900 pages.
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