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speaking of to do lists.

  • reading

    • re-read handling sin

    • matthew 5

    • harry potter

    • arthur conan doyle and whitechapel horror

  • Ebay

    • 2 gnomes in mail

    • candyskins cd pending

    • 70s design book in mail

    • 3 ms mag bids pending

  • mail i'm waiting for

    • 2 shirts from debri field

    • amazon seller - complete sherlock holmes

    • dude, did the feds even get my tax forms, wtf

    • where is that confirmation letter that i cleared my first union debt

  • cancel dialup

  • cancel sportfit, start curves

  • make a dentist appointment

  • get a bike?!? why have i not done this?

  • find the REAL address from the MD state board of elections

  • dry cleaning

  • clean porch

  • give cds to B. and M.

  • come up with some exciting nonfiction book club suggestions

  • volunteer, maybe for a campaign

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