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Sad Songs

Well, a while back I made a post about happy songs. Finally, I feel like I've gotten that out of my system... er I mean I've compiled a list I feel good about. If you didn't contribute or thought of a new one, great! Go back and post it.

However, now I'm ready to think of the most sad songs ever. Uh, this is indicative of approximately nothing, but there is always value in a good scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel soft-comfort-of-self-pity we-could-only-make-this-song-in-minor-key sad song. I hear Elton John says that they say so much. What does he know, he's still standing better than he ever did. But I digress.

So, if you care to, let me know what songs break your heart or just make you want to hide in a dark cave alone with a bottle of cheap booze. Or just epitomize the word sad.

radiohead - creep
counting crows - round here, perfect blue buildings, long december
jewel - foolish games
no doubt - don't speak
peter, paul, and mary - don't think twice, it's alright, puff the magic dragon
fuel - shimmer
carpenters - solitaire (i have a particularly mopey cover by sheryl crow)
chess - i know him so well
simon and garfunkel - sparrow (who WILL love a little sparrow? WAHHHH!)
BOC - don't fear the reaper (arguably happy, but isn't it about jumping out a window?)
ben folds five - evaporated (or that abortion song, take your pick)
split enz - charley, i hope i never (although the second is distinctly cheesy)
les mis - a little fall of rain
the roches - on the road to fairfax county
metallica - one, fade to black, nothing else matters
sheryl crow - strong enough
kansas - dust in the wind
queen - who wants to live forever
replacements - here comes a regular
dan fogelberg - leader of the band
jim croce - time in a bottle
joan baez - there but for fortune
judy collins - who knows where the time goes
mad world cover from the donnie darko soundtrack
billy joel - goodnight saigon
beatles - long and winding road, yesterday
cat stevens - the wind, if i laugh, novim's nightmare
steve kilbey - pretty ugly pretty sad
nine inch nails - something i can never have
rocky horror - superheroes
crash test dummies - superman's song
planxty - time will cure me
chris isaak - wicked game
matthew sweet - nothing lasts
europe - carrie (cheeeeeese)
leonard cohen - famous blue raincoat
damned - feel the pain
brothers four - greenfields
danny wilson - loneliness
monkees - shades of gray
bonnie prince billy - i see a darkness
coldplay - trouble
elliot smith - needle in the hay (yeah, that scene from royal tenenbaums)
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