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it was definately a full day yesterday. no particular navel-gazing accomplished at all. went up into baltimore to hang out with tzel and the fencing guy. all of fencing guy's friends were really interesting and fun to talk to and the presence of a child was not too awful. :) then we broke off and headed for dharshai's where we remained until long into the night chatting. i totally mooched food all day. dang.

last night i had two disturbing dreams about jack for no good reason whatsoever; i dreamed that he told me his sister brought some heroin back from france (?!?!?!) and he would be using at his party on friday, and that he didn't want to tell me because i'm too uptight and would turn him in. then i woke up because i was so alarmed, went back to sleep, and dreamed that he was hiding something from me and wouldn't tell me who he was talking to on the phone when he was clearly talking about something awful i would be upset about. this is so not a reflection of reality. i have issues!!

today i broke out all my old tapes. oh my god. i found my old district chorus tapes and some other gems that are making me seriously nostalgic. i'm very close to making a mix of super happy songs...
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