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karaoke take 2

well, i think that we managed to have the polar opposite experience to nation for our thursday night activity. we went down the the local laurel hangout "My Way" on rt. 1 and sang some karaoke. it was a somewhat diverse crowd. i did 'killing me softly' and 'jessie's girl' while simplesimon, examorata, and bizarrojack did some other classics which i am sure they will report on... we basically closed the place, and all got up together to assault the last few patrons with a rousing rendition of roxanne. salami_salome demured, since it was her first time and they didn't have the right first-time song. i have to say i was right about jack. he sang the pants off of 'china girl'. so to speak. and it was really sweet when the karaoke dj got up and sang a song with his dad. the country songs pretty much ruled the night but i don't mind that. we will definately be going back, it was a better, more spacious spot than oliver's on main street.

one thing about being an overnight type, you always get to feel every moment of a hangover, from the time it starts. i didn't even drink that much, what the hell!
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