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i have perhaps never been more pleased to be lounging around my room with my cat doing essentially nothing useful whatsoever.

today's amusing pennysaver ad:

DOG CARRIER - Duffel style. great for traveling on plains.


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Jul. 3rd, 2003 05:36 am (UTC)
So just when are you going to take your dog to Kansas and travel on the plains or perhaps you are going to georgia to visit Jimmy Carter.
Jul. 3rd, 2003 08:31 am (UTC)
Re: Plains
Good thing I'm not traveling in the mountains or the marshes, or else I would have to get a whole different doggie duffel.
Jul. 3rd, 2003 05:42 am (UTC)
HA! That really made my morning. traveling on plains. giggle. :)
Jul. 3rd, 2003 07:19 am (UTC)
It's like Jody's tale of the dog running away in Saskatchewan, and you can just watch it run...and run...and run...
Jul. 3rd, 2003 07:22 am (UTC)
Doing Nutthin
Remeinds me of the line in the move "Office Space"

"I did absolutely nothing all day Saturday and it was everything i hoped it would be..."
Jul. 3rd, 2003 08:31 am (UTC)
That is what I aspire to for my weekend. It's time for some serious nvael-gazing. I hope you guys have fun partying but man I just wanna sit around and veg. :)
Jul. 3rd, 2003 04:18 pm (UTC)
Useless Knowledge
I cant believe that I know this but I think that using navel-gazing as a meditational tool is call Omphalokepsis...I think.
I that case have a great time Omphalokepsing...:)
Jul. 4th, 2003 12:57 am (UTC)
Re: Useless Knowledge
there is someone on my friends list with that name!! i never knew what it was until now. doh.
Jul. 5th, 2003 12:50 am (UTC)
Re: Useless Knowledge
Jul. 3rd, 2003 05:38 pm (UTC)
Jul. 3rd, 2003 11:58 pm (UTC)
You are awesome.
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