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last interview?

Finally, I get to the last set of interview questions that have been sitting in my inbox crying out to be answered! Um, if anyone is not tired of interview questions I offer the opportunity for more.

1. When did you first become a feminist and what led you to these beliefs?

I refer to a response I gave Jack, heh, he asked a similar question:

When I really began to get it. As a freshman in college. I think, although I can't remember it clearly, it was borne out of the idea that I didn't need a man's love or approval, and that I could not rely on a man to make me happy. It was the first step towards getting out of my personal problems, but when I really started reading feminist literature I then realized it was so much more than just not pinning all your hopes on the fairytale marriage. I'm almost ashamed of how late I came to the idea and the humiliating and painful circumstances under which I finally opened my eyes to it.

2. Why do you find it so hard to let go of friends, even when they do bad things or aren't being very friendly?

I guess it's because I feel that everyone has some kind of intrinsic value and brings something to the world. That no one is perfect and most people screw up and do things that hurt the people around them. On the other side of it, I want to believe that even if I do something wrong or unfriendly, my friends won't abandon me or avoid me. Do unto others, etc. Because it's not like I've been Miss Perfect Nicey all my life and I will probably make more mistakes as time goes on. It takes alot of pointed, willful, deliberate screwing up for me to write someone off completely and even then, I'll probably still talk to the person. Because I know what it is like to bitterly regret an action or a word and wish that I could have the respect or caring back of someone I have hurt. Something like that.

3. Do you wish you grew up with siblings? Why or why not?

I often have wished this. Partly because it seems as though the people I know who have siblings have really good experiences and lifelong friends because of it, partly because of the mystery of a blood bond I don't really have with anyone. I don't think about it much anymore because it's a foregone conclusion that it will never happen, but when I hear a really joyful sibling story I get wistful. But, I'm grateful to have had two loving, kind parents and that's good enough for me, I'm very lucky. How could I legitimately ask for more?

4. Possibly related to question 1, but what made you choose sociology?

When I took soc 1000 in college it just struck a chord in me. No other classes made me that excited to actually attend, so I made that my major. That's the best that I can remember my motives at the time...

5. What is the one thing you regret most in your life?

Buh... Spending (wasting?) so much time in my youth pining after boys that could have been spent getting an education or being ambitious about anything else. I certainly regret, if I could put it in a vacuum, choosing to go to VA Tech, but I wouldn't actually change that for the world because I would not be who I am today and know all the wonderful people I know today if I hadn't gone there.

6. When are we going to go for this 'cheese dip', of which you are so fond?

Hehehe... anytime just let me know!!!!!
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