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tonight's dinner was had at the jungle grill in CP, with cheetahmaster, lilmymble, and a tiny smiling human. really, she smiled most of the time! i held a baby i think for the first time in maybe a decade unless i'm forgetting something. i didn't drop her or anything. afterwards i was going to be early for work, so i stopped at the cd depot and added to my afrocelt/deep forest cd collection. i still got to work an hour early. oh well. gave me time to arrange my thoughts a little. and buy some chips and salsa from the RG for lunch.

i'd like if people at work would stop getting in childish arguments. i swear it is as if an infestation of butt-crawling-up hairy caterpillars that spit poison was showered on the chairs in the department.

a three day weekend now, and none too soon, if you ask me.
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