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so last night, when it was actually kind of slow, i figured out what i want from tiffany's. good for me. i don't know why i do this to myself.

last night we hit la gringada for gene's birthday. i hope he enjoyed it! i did but would have enjoyed it more if i could have taken part in the pitchers of margaritas. there was much discussion of tantric sex and uh funny but i don't remember what else. when we got back to my place a huge debate broke out about use of the word cunt. i left mad, but i have to just let it go.

been thinking alot about my "defensive" brand of feminism. i wonder if it tosses my whole philosophy in the trash to be so passive about it. (i bet someone is thinking as they read this, "passive my ass"...) i just... i got into alot of debate this week and gave some advice to people (sometimes i didn't give the advice, i just thought the advice) about how to cope with anger. sometimes i wonder if, no matter who you ostracize, it's better to stay angry. but at the same time, it will eat you up. i don't know.

there is a voicemail on my cell phone that is completely unintelligible, except for the fact that i can make out that this person says that my package is ready? or that they have something for me? it's a huge mystery.

i am so proud of myself. i fucked with php enough to make it put all the lj icons i have ever made or stolen on one page in a table. i mean, i didn't write the php but i figured out how to change something jack made to do what i want. and really, that's pretty amazing considering the fact that i am utterly code-challenged. i want to change some stuff about it but until then here it is.

here's today's exciting ebay find, yet another 70s interior design book. i have a whole shelf now. i'm trying to read a second sherlock holmes vs jack the ripper book, but this one sucks and i don't like how they are characterising abberline, who i like to think of as super-cool and looking like michael caine. if it gets much worse i'll go back to harry potter, even though i forgot most of what the hell is going on in the harry potter-verse. i'm more stuck in the joey potter-verse right now.
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