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here, i've done something girly. i made an icon. or two. from a stupid show. i have just spent a retarded amount of time on this. mainly finding the image i wanted. i will now forever be cast into the world of lameness. oh wait, i was already lame, duh. i'm getting all excited and nervous about the 80s party saturday. i spent 2 hours seeking music today in lieu of actually going out and buying the stuff i need. oops.

hey, does anyone know how awful it is to see a show at the MCI center? cause, dude, styx, journey, and reo speedwagon. i can't think of a single person on my friends list who'd really be enthusiastic about accompanying me to this concert. come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me!

stupidly frivolous ebay items i'm bidding on of the week:
gnome 1 and gnome 2.

congratulations to me on the most non-substantive update perhaps i have ever made.
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