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Despite the fact that I am virtually without faith in anything other than science, I am convinced I'm at least partly pagan because I often have a strong desire to dance naked around a bonfire. If only I felt I could do this without feeling like someone involved was staring at me like I was a piece of meat. Frankly I've never been involved in a pagan group where at least one person didn't give off that vibe. I'd settle for dancing clothed around a bonfire with drums beating and feet bouncing off of earth and grass and twigs. Laugh if you will!

I finally had dinner at Connaught Place in Fairfax. It was as good as I had heard. I realize though, that unlike Chinese restaurants, I've never had a sub-par meal at an Indian restaurant. I'd shout-out to all the attendees, but the list is kind of long! I was really glad to be able to go.

I got into work early. This is going to be my first full, real night back after being sick. I feel out of touch. And paranoid. Something is retarding my social and coping skills.
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