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Late Interview

1. What would a "dream job" be for you that you could have with little to no extra preparation (i.e. no advanced degrees)?

I'm not sure. I'd totally work a menial shelving job again if I thought it could pay the bills, because I like to be near books. I'd love to work in a little hippie shop or a used bookstore, but again, that won't really keep me going. If I was out in the workforce right now and had to find something, anything, I'd probably seek an office job long before the jobs I've described above. Or if I could learn to be a bartender. A bartender in a seedy bowling alley. Since I'd only have to serve beer... Other than that, if I could be paid to do some kind of save the whales, crisis counseling hotline, something where I felt as though I were actually helping people.

2. Do you feel you were placed at any disadvantages by being raised without religion/god?

Yes. I feel that it is very, very hard for me to have faith in anything, and I always feel a pang of envy and respect when I see someone who has unshakeable faith. Not that having blind faith is always such a great commodity, but being able to take even a small leap is hard for me. See, it's even hard for me to describe what's good about having faith without undercutting it with cynicism.

3. What exotic pet would you like to own, and why?

I don't want to own any exotic pets, unless that was the only way I could save them from evil bad people or something. I'd rather they were able to run wild and free and be protected.

4. What's your silliest memory from elementary school?

Oh gosh... this is a hard one since I have such a terrible memory. I guess I can recount how when I was in the third grade, we did a school play and a bunch of us had to be townspeople. (I think the play was called "The Pink Dragon" or something.) The evil witch or whoever was turning all the townspeople into bears. But see, we didn't have enough boys in the class to match up with all the girls, so I had to be a "husband". When the evil witch was going to turn my wife into a bear I jumped out in front of her and got to say, "You'll have to go through me first!!" I was so excited to play the hero. I think we still have the bear costume in my parents' house somewhere.

5. What was your favorite class in college, and why?

Any class that Skip Fuhrman taught (Sociology of Science, Sociological Theory) or my Gender Relations class. I never wanted to attend class more during my college career than for those classes. I probably attended statistics more perfectly, but that was because if I didn't I would have failed it.
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