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why am I awake? i went to bed at 11pm on purpose to be able to get 8 hours of sleep and my body is stubbornly refusing even though that is what it needs. i find myself thinking i feel too awful to go to alchemy tonight, but i can't not go. i don't know, i will figure that out later. secondhand smoke is not what i need right now.

during the fitful hours of sleep, i dreamed that we started holding book club in a diner i've never been to that looked an awful lot like a denny's i remember from virginia beach. i invited a whole host of people from LJ that i've never met (and who do not resemble my friends list in any way) and they showed up in droves, but took the whole thing too seriously. there were only one or two actual members of book club in attendance and we looked on in horror as they overanalyzed and did dramatic readings from the book. we seemed like punk kids, and they seemed like a bunch of old, stuffy academics. tzel was there with her baby, which is obviously inexplicable because she doesn't have a baby. i found that playing with the baby was more fun than book club. there was only one person there from my actual friends list that has never been there before, and that person at least was really nice.

finally, and most importantly,

happy birthday bizarrojack!!!

i have a feeling glasses (er, cups) will be raised in his honor at nation edge (alchemy) tonight, if i'm not there raise one in my stead!
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