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another interview

answers to questions from bizarrojack:

1. Where is the furthest you've gone without using an airplane?

Michigan, I think. Monroe, to be specific. When I was little that's where my dad's mom lived.

2. When did feminism become important to you?

When I really began to get it. As a freshman in college. I think, although I can't remember it clearly, it was borne out of the idea that I didn't need a man's love or approval, and that I could not rely on a man to make me happy. It was the first step towards getting out of my personal problems, but when I really started reading feminist literature I then realized it was so much more than just not pinning all your hopes on the fairytale marriage. I'm almost ashamed of how late I came to the idea and the humiliating and painful circumstances under which I finally opened my eyes to it.

3. So, do you think there is anything mental or emotional about a person that he or she (or he or she and his or her therapist, or a secret government kidnapper and brainwasher) cannot change?

Maybe, but I'm not going to admit it until someone proves it to me unequivocally. I mean, I don't have an amateur fascination with neuroscience for nothing, right? And I sometimes blame my moods on hormones or depression, things that I feel I have no control over and are biological, so it's not like I can use that as an excuse or explanation and then turn around and say I think all behavior is learned and can be unlearned. If so, I would unlearn the monthly habit of becoming a weeping, insecure monster, wouldn't I... I'd love for us, humans, to be as in charge of our own behavioral atmosphere as I sometimes pretend we are, but it's not that simple.

4. Is there any question in particular that you were hoping I would ask you?

I didn't have any in mind, of course I was pretty darn curious what you'd ask.

5. What do you want for dinner tonight?

Right now I'm tentatively saying steak or chili. Something with red meat to fortify me. But I know that my appetite can change in the blink of an eye. Does this imply you might take me to dinner? You rake!

I keep to the contract, and remind that if anyone else still wants interview questions, just reply to this post and ask for them.
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