keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark


SnideGrrl: no, no
AngrygamerChris: then why not talking
SnideGrrl: i was completing the online order for my bitch certificate :-)
SnideGrrl: yay, finally!
AngrygamerChris: bitch certificate?
SnideGrrl: i'm such a slack bastard
SnideGrrl: ER
SnideGrrl: BIRTH
AngrygamerChris: hehehee
SnideGrrl: AGH
AngrygamerChris: FREUD!
AngrygamerChris: hehehehehehehe
SnideGrrl: shit up, freud sucks
SnideGrrl: AGHHHHH
AngrygamerChris: SHIT UP!
SnideGrrl: SHUT
AngrygamerChris: hehehehehehehe
SnideGrrl: i'm loggin off now.
AngrygamerChris: *laughing outloud in his cube*
AngrygamerChris: no!
SnideGrrl: i am sooooooo logging off now
Tags: chris, funny
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