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1. What do your parents think of your sexuality?

Hrm. I don't think they think about it too hard. When I was dating a woman they were incredulous but willing to endure it. I think that they are happier that I am dating a man, not that that has impact on the decision. They are supportive in the sense that they only vaguely cajole me not to be bi. When I was dating a woman they always referred to her as my "friend". My mom always asks me why I have to make everything harder on myself by choosing something against the norm. She frets about what people will think of me. I suppose if I'm wrong about that she can read this and let me know. :)

2. Ford Aspire: explain.

It's small and cute, in an egg-from-a-Yoshi-game kind of way. It gets great gas mileage. It has a hatchback with a fold down seat, and therefore could easily carry my bare necessities. Plus, I bond with cars in a weird way. Once I drive one for a long time, no matter what is wrong with it, I am in love. Sort of like how I am with men. Errr, nevermind. :)

3. What is the appropriate number of handbags for one woman to have? Describe them.

This may come as a surprise, but I think the appropriate number of handbags a woman should have is ONE, however this is assuming that THE PERFECT HANDBAG exists. The perfect handbag is small enough to not look bulky, yet still holds all your things without looking lumpy. It is of a style that is appropriate for eveningwear as well as casualwear. It is sturdy and looks just as good with 6 months of constant use as it does after 5 years of constant use. It should be closed in a way that makes one's things easy to access, but not so that they will easily fall out. It is more than likely black. It is permissible for a woman to have two handbags if they need one that is not black. (The second one should be camel, IMHO.) If you see the handbag I have described, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

4. You're the only woman I know who plays FPS games like Diablo. What makes it fun?

I don't consider Diablo II a FPS. It's more of a third person perspective which I prefer. I detest 3D games and I detest first person perspective, so Diablo is perfect for me. My greatest fear is that no one will put out games like that anymore... but I digress. I love the game and enjoy it for the addictive quality of leveling and getting more stuff. I log on to accumulate "points" as it were and to see what new stuff I can find. It's mindless fun to me much in the way that computer solitaire is. Before Diablo, I was a Nethack/Angband freak like professorbooty. I just need something mindless sometimes to help me process my thoughts or to give my mind some lame busywork so it doesn't exist in a constant state of anxiety.

5. What's your favorite piece of "art," and why? By art, I mean something that you would find in the Smithsonian or Louvre (sculpture counts).

Wow. I have no idea. I literally have no. freaking. idea. I've seen some art that captured my imagination, at the Smithsonian in fact, but I don't remember what it was. I bought postcard size prints of it at the time because I couldn't afford the full size prints. If I remember I will let you know. (Note: I can't stand most Pop Art as art, but I like abstract 70s pop art as decoration, as in for my home. Like, for example, the poster from the Wiz production on broadway with the bloopy black female figure with stairs down her back.)

1) why do you keep your hair short?

It's easier. My hair when long (and it will only grow to between my shoulder blades before pooping out) is frizzy and requires alot of maintenance to make it look smooth and sleek. At some point I got sick of burning myself with a curling iron. Secondly, despite my pronouncedly female hips and breasts, I like the butch look. I want to be Joan Jett when I grow up, or Billie Jean from the classic 80s movie, The Legend of Billie Jean. I'd need to work out alot more for either of those things to happen, I know...

2) why not contact lenses?

My eyes don't create enough tears, so I end up wanting to claw them out 90% of the time I'm wearing contacts. I just tried a few weeks ago to be fitted for contacts for the first time in 10 years but the same thing happened, plus, the astigmatism makes it expensive. I like glasses, I don't think they look too bad.

3) why women and men?

Historically, it is because after having interacted with adult males for a few years, I decided that I couldn't possibly be compatible with a male, sexually, ever again. I thought that my libido had nothing in common with the male libido. I had a very simplistic view of what sex meant to me. So I went through a period of manhating, and vowed to be a lesbian briefly. That clearly proved to be not the case, but it was at that time that I realized, hey, I'm into women too, I had just couched it in alot of "I want to be like her" when really, oftentimes I meant "I want to be with her."

4) why do you stay in the washington dc area?

A year ago, I would have told you I didn't know. Or that I couldn't quit the safety of my job and the comfort of well known friends. A year ago I would have said, "you know I should move the hell around, I need to experience more variety of human existence". Then I got involved with bizarrojack. He doesn't want to leave the area. I don't want to leave him. That urge is stronger than my urge to go to Europe, NYC, or California, Canada, or to join the Air Force, something else I seriously considered. [Edit: Also I don't like getting too far away from my parents, and DC is a big enough city to keep me interested.]

5) don't you just think i'm a fantabulous pool player *batseyes*?

You're SO not a pool shark. You clearly have mad skills. :)
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