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shower meme again, cheetahmaster this time

Funny thing about cheetahmaster, my parents keep getting his nickname mixed up with necrocannibal. Anyways he left me some questions.

1. Ten years ago, what did you think your life would be like now?
I thought I would be married to a cute musician or a cute scientist and we'd be living in a house in the country with our 7 dogs. I would be a consultant on international issues, or a $298573 an hour psychiatrist. Actually, I don't think I had it this narrowed down, and I don't think I had the scope of vision to think this far ahead, but I had really ridiculous ideas about how things would progress for me, and my priorities largely centered around how I could land a cute guy. Ugh.

2. Ten years from now, what will you miss about your life now?
Hopefully not a goddamn thing. I have this idea that whatever comes I need to enjoy it. It's not like I think things won't change but I hope to not look back with sadness or feel like something is missing. Oh and if you asked this six months ago I would say that I'll miss my leather jacket that got stolen when hoodlums broke into my car.

3. If you had the time and money to go back to college and take a single class on one topic, what would it be?
Single class? Something neurosciencey. Or whatever is the prerequisite.

4. What book would you most like to see turned into a movie?
Handling Sin, by Michael Malone. [Edit: or maybe Foxfire by Joyce Carol Oates. I know they made a movie but I like to pretend that it had nothing to do with the book.]

5. You get to go back in time and see any one concert? Who do you go see and why?
Uhhh. Uhhhh. Too many answers. I would go back and see Split Enz concerts before they got "big".
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