May 3rd, 2004

weekend in brief

- friday night had a little gathering, thanks to judithiscariot for hosting some people. very relaxing. we also got to order chinese without using the phone. felt moody at the end, so i went up to check out the second tv, on which i saw h.r. puffnstuff for the first time. whoah.

- saturday i went to medieval times to celebrate the birthday of tzel. it was not as bad as i thought it would be (the spectacle, i mean), although they do hold you upside down by your ankles and shake to make sure they have drained you absolutely dry before you leave. a disturbing amount of stereotypical man-children were in attendance, as well as the conventional children. although i confess the guy next to me made the whole thing that much more enjoyable by being so enthusiastic he almost exploded. also, the falconry display made me cry. the food was better than expected. afterwards we retired to tzel's for cake, which was DAMN FINE. kudos and thanks to thatwhichisgene for being awesome.

- oh also on saturday jack got me presents. a copy of windows xp and a new hard drive and CD-RW/DVD drive. and he installed it all and made it happen. he's awesome. we also ate at olive garden (i don't think i've been there in maybe 2 years?) where we found a gorgonzola steak pasta dish that we couldn't stop talking about. still can't, apparently. anyways, jack is the bomb. he starts a new job today... good luck baby!

- sunday i had softball practice. my right leg took a beating, one full-speed ball to the shin, one to the knee, and one 200-pound dude stepped on my leg when it happened to intersect with 2nd base. i have NO idea how my leg didn't break. none. anyways, i'm sore all over and it feels good. it is also clearly time to quit smoking. later met up with folks at the red robin. i would like to heartily endorse any food that involves fried onion straw thingys.
fist of death

rant of the day

Once again, Dan Savage needs to STFU. This is one of my biggest pet peeves, people telling other people what they "should" or "shouldn't" wear. Like sammka says, just how does he equate "obesity" with "girl love handles"? Isn't there a spectrum, a variety of body types? Perhaps this is a little humorous hyperbole? Well it doesn't fly with me, bucko. Bodies are bodies, everyone has one, and literally no one's is "perfect". Ladies, women, girls, boys, men, wear whatever the hell you want. If someone can't handle it it's their problem.

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