September 12th, 2003

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last night cheetahmaster invited us over for an impromptu wine-tasting party. i forgot to eat dinner first, so i was very "weee" by the third taste. i broke my inability to get drunk streak! it just took wine tasting. weird. it was a really nice evening. today, laundry. [edited to add] i think that the most tasty thing i ate or drank last night was actually the endive hors d'oeuvre that lilmymble created. it was fantastic. actually, the special cheese was pretty good too. too bad p.g. county isn't snooty enough to have a whole foods.

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my cat just propelled himself down the hall hard enough to hit me with such a force with his head that it still stings. his reaction to this embarassment was to sit down, look right at me, and then lick his privates.

one load of laundry down, ten to go. seriously. sigh. and you should see how many clothes are clean, hanging, in my closet.

does anyone have a shoe storage solution that does not involve a pile on the bottom of your closet?

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