July 25th, 2003

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things just keep getting worse.

plus i just saw something else crawly on my floor. could have been a cockroach, could have been something else. it went under my desk. i am living a nightmare. just when i was starting to feel comfortable in my own house again.
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ahhh, better

a few hundred pages of my favorite novel re-read, stupid new icon made, breakfast in solitude with a sprinkling of diner hospitality, gracious and friendly roommate banter, a sunny day, a morning moment lost tuesday and regained today and the slow realization of where i went wrong and how lucky i am.

kerr smith must be the least gay actor on earth.
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pacey: "high maintenance is just another way of saying high quality."

sometimes, the DC writers come through for me. more likely, josh jackson adlibbed that.
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